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Consider an Independent Study Abroad Provider for a Summer Like No Other!

[dropcap style=dc_rounded color=#00AACB]Y[/dropcap]our study abroad adviser is probably encouraging you to study abroad with one of the programs that they offer through your school. They prefer to keep all of your tuition revenue. However, these programs may not be the best choice for you.

School-based study abroad programs are usually taught by one or two professors from your school. They are trying to enroll enough students to offset their cost for their travel to a place that they would like to visit. The professors may not have any particular expertise in the city or cities visited and probably have not previously managed study abroad programs. School-based programs are usually limited to one or two cities and may not include the classes or activities that you prefer. If you do your research, you may discover that an independent or third-party study abroad provider may offer a program that is more to your liking.

Our Voyager Europe Spain Program visits 14 cities in 30 days and if you add Ibiza, 15 cities in 30 days. With a program offered by your school, you may be able to visit one city or region of Spain. For example, Madrid or Barcelona. With Voyager Spain, you will study in the Castilian region of Spain – Madrid, Segovia and Toledo; the Catalan region of Spain – Barcelona, Valencia, Sant Sadurni d’Anoia and Girona; Basque Spain – La Rioja, Bilbao, San Sebastian; and the Galician region of Spain – Granada, Seville, Malaga and Cordoba. You can also add on Ibiza – the legendary Mediterranean Island with stunning turquoise water, white sand beaches and incredible nightlife.

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Unlike any other program, Voyager Spain includes amazing cultural activities like a Spanish cooking class (paella and sangria), flamenco show, champagne (cava) tasting, wine tasting, tapas tasting, pintxos tasting (Basque snacks), walking tours in most cities and much more. Voyager Spain provides an unrivaled cultural immersion experience and you will see and experience more of Spain.

Most schools will accept transfer credit for classes offered abroad by independent programs like Voyager Spain. However, you need to do your due diligence and can’t be easily deterred. We, unlike other independent providers, have staff available to assist you with the credit transfer process.

School-based programs and most independent programs focus on one city. If you have previously studied abroad or are returning to your ancestral roots you may want to spend all of your time abroad in just one city. There are a few programs, offered exclusively by independent providers, that visit many cities. If you are not sure where to go or prefer to experience diverse cultures, a multi-city program may be right for you. We are the experts of multi-city study abroad programs.

Most school-based programs offer just one or two classes. Many independent programs offer too many classes. You should take classes that are enhanced by your abroad destination. The cities you visit abroad should make the classes you take better. Ideally, the classes you take abroad should also enrich your experience abroad. Voyager Spain uses a unique experiential learning model that integrates city-specific cultural and professional activities to every class. To ensure a smooth credit transfer process, you should consult with your academic adviser to make sure any classes taken abroad fit your academic program. Remember, we are available to assist.

These are many other factors you should consider in choosing your study abroad. Don’t find yourself abroad in a less than an ideal living situation. What type of accommodations do you prefer? Are you comfortable in a room in someone’s home, a hostel, apartment or a hotel? Do you mind sharing a room or bathroom? The location of accommodations is also important. You don’t want to stay too far from the city-center. That is always where the action is. You also want stay in accommodations that are near public transportation. This will make getting around easier.

From the first day until the last day, participants have their own room in a modern, air-conditioned, residence with private bath and kitchenette in an upscale university neighborhood in Madrid – Spain’s capital city. Participants have unlimited access to the on-premises fitness center and rooftop pool. They are served their choice of breakfast and lunch or dinner daily in the restaurant at the residence. There is also an onsite laundry. When we travel to the other cities, our participants safely leave their possessions behind in their own room. Most of our program is spent visiting the other cities on our itinerary and when we travel, our participants stay in highly-rated, city-center, “Certificate of Excellence” hotels. All Voyager Europe accommodations are in close proximity to a metro station.

Don’t be surprised by unexpected expenses. All programs include some activities, but they vary greatly in number and quality. Do any of the activities have surcharges? Many programs offer weekend excursions or day trips. Are they included? Some meals may be included. How many? Unexpected additional costs can add up quickly. Do your research.
Voyager Spain has an unrivaled itinerary that includes more cultural and professional activities than any other program. There is never an additional charge or surcharge. Our inter-city transportation is by high-speed train or whatever mode of transportation is quickest, not cheapest like other programs. All inter-city transportation is included with our program. Others programs may charge extra. We include many more and better meals.

Studying abroad, with the right program, is a once in a lifetime experience. Independent programs, like Voyager Spain, offer you more choices in destination, classes and activities and may be right for you. Independent providers have the expertise in study abroad and know the destinations that they visit. They have the staff to assist you before, during and after the program.

If you do your homework, we think you will agree that Voyager Spain is the best multi-city study abroad. If you would like additional information on our program, the credit transfer process or independent and multi-country programs, please contact us at director@voyagereurope.com.

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