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What Classes Should You Take During Your Study Abroad?

[dropcap style=dc_rounded color=#00AACB]T[/dropcap]he classes that you take abroad will have a significant impact on your study abroad experience. You will spend much of your time abroad in class, studying for classes, doing the assignments and taking the exams. The classes that you take abroad, should be an important consideration in your selection of a study abroad program. You will want to earn academic credits for the classes that you take abroad. So, it is important that the classes you take fit into your academic program. You should definitely discuss the classes you plan on taking with your academic adviser. But, credit transfer should not be the only factor that you should consider. Ideally, the classes you take abroad should enhance rather than detract from your abroad experience.

Most school-based programs offer just one or two classes. These classes are usually taught by professors at your home university. If they fit into your academic program, you will get academic credit for these classes. However, these classes may not be classes you want to take abroad. Ask yourself – are these classes that are better because I am taking them abroad? Will these classes enrich my experience abroad?

Many school-related and independent study abroad programs offer classes that are unrelated to abroad experience. Why would you take an algebra or physics class from an economics professor in Spain? Classes you take abroad should be enhanced by the city or cities you visit abroad and should add to your overall abroad experience.

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The number of classes offered by independent or third-party program providers varies. Some of these programs offer too many classes. They may be actually teaching just a few classes, but appear to teach more. They may be using multiple course prefixes for each class that they offer. Why would they do this? They want to cover all their bases. They want to have as many participants in their program as they can. Since potential participants have different majors, they pretend to offer more classes, in as many majors, as they can. As a result, they increase their chances of offering a class that you will need and want to take. This is not good for you. It is scam and you will not get what you bargained for. You will be in a classroom with one professor that is supposedly covering multiple subjects at the same time. Of course, you can’t teach multiple subjects in the same classroom effectively. If a program is offering what seems to be a lot of classes, make sure they have an adequate qualified faculty to teach them.

You should also make sure that the transcripts that these programs issue come from a legitimate, accredited, institution. Some programs offer transcripts from unrecognized or unaccredited international universities. You don’t want to have problems with the credit transfer process. Meet with your academic adviser. Most programs, including Voyager Spain, have staff that are available to assist you in the credit transfer process. All our classes meet or exceed accreditation standards in the USA and abroad. Transcripts for the Voyager Spain Program are issued by Endicott College in Beverly Massachusetts. Endicott College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Voyager Spain only offers classes that are enhanced by city-specific cultural and professional activities. We use a unique experiential learning design. This means that are participants spend less time in class and more time learning by doing. We believe that not all classes have four walls. With our program, Spain is your classroom. Our participants can earn up to six credits taking two classes that are specific to the cities and countries that we visit. We offer five classes – Spanish for the Professions, Culture of Spain, International Business, Intercultural Communication and Global Marketing and Management.

Our professors are world renowned experts in the subjects that they teach and every one of them has many years of study abroad experience. We have professors and staff from Spain. All our professors travel with the program. Our classes are taught at our sponsor school – Endicott International – College of International Studies (CIS) in Madrid.

CIS is a short and pleasant walk from the residence in Madrid where our students are housed when we are in Madrid – our hub city. Every participant has their own room with a private bath and kitchenette. They do not check out for the duration of the program. There is rooftop swimming pool and deck, a fitness center and a laundry at the residence. There is also an onsite restaurant at the residence and our participants are served breakfast and their choice of lunch or dinner daily. They are registered students at CIS, get student identification and have access to the library and computer center at the College. Many multi-city programs teach their classes in conference rooms and hotel rooms.

Since we use a hub city and take three separate multiday trips from Madrid during the program, all our classes our taught on the CIS campus. With other multi-city programs, participants need to carry all their belongings with the from city-to-city. Since we use a hub city, our participants only take with them what they need. They can safely leave belongings behind in their own room in Madrid.

Visit our website to download a syllabus for each of our life-changing, one-of-kind classes and to view the class-specific activities related to each. Note that our students can participate in all activities whether or not they are related to a class they are taking. We are available to answer any questions or to assist you with the credit transfer process at your home university.

We know that you will agree that Voyager Europe is the best multi-city study abroad and the best value in study abroad. Voyager Spain is a summer like no other! If you would like additional information on our program, multi-country programs or our one-of-a-kind classes, please contact us at director@voyagereurope.com.

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