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The following is a list of 10 reasons, in no particular order, why we, at Voyager Study Abroad, believe that every undergraduate student should study abroad.

  1. Develop a more sophisticated worldview –  By studying abroad, you will learn that people from different countries have lifestyles, customs and cultures that are not the same as yours. Through interaction with these people, you will develop an increased understanding of their values and priorities. Hopefully, this will lead to an appreciation for their similarities and differences between your beliefs and those of the people in the country that you study abroad.
  2. Experience personal growth – studying in a different country or countries offers many new experiences that are unlike than those that you experience at home. You may find a new passion during your time abroad. Many students that study abroad become world travelers. They catch the travel bug. Study abroad can reinforce existing interests or cultivate new ones. Study abroad can be the impetus for a new-found interest in art or history. Some students develop or pursue culinary interests or become sommeliers (experts on wine) after studying abroad. Many students find their time abroad is a life-changing experience.
  3. Gain independence – Studying abroad is for sure an experience unlike any other. An important benefit to studying abroad is the opportunity to discover yourself while learning to understand the people from diverse cultures that you interact with abroad. Being in a new place can be challenging and will test your ability to adapt. You will experience personal growth.  The things you experience abroad will be new, different and amazing.
  4. Learning in a new way – classes you take abroad will be enhanced by cultural and professional activities that are specific to the country or countries that you visit. You will get to know your professors both in and out of the traditional classroom environment. The professors will participate in class-related activities with you. Learning by doing is a fun and exciting way to learn. Even when you’re taking classes in your major, classes taken abroad will be delivered with a real-world component. You will have an opportunity to explore subjects in a way that you never could at home.
  5. Improve your language skills –  Studying abroad provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new language or languages. You can practice a language that you learned in school and thought that you had forgotten. You can take a language classes while abroad and put what you learn to immediate good use. There is no better way to learn or practice a language then to speak it with the natives.
  6. Make life-long friends – you will spend many hours of every day with a diverse group of people. You will live with them, eat with them, go to class with them and experience many new and wonderful things with them. Exposure to different types of people will help you to develop your people skills and is an important benefit of your studying abroad. You will make many life-long friends from diverse backgrounds from your study abroad.
  7. It could help you land a job – Study abroad will impress employers and increase career opportunities. The international experience you gain by studying abroad will be viewed favorably by potential employers. You also may decide that you want to work to return to a country that you visited abroad. Your experience in that country will be valuable in finding a job. Study abroad is an excellent networking opportunity.
  8. It will look great on your graduate school application – Graduate schools, like future employers, look favorably at study abroad. Students that study abroad display a willingness to seek new challenges. Study abroad demonstrates a curiosity to learn new things. It also shows you are willing to venture outside of your comfort zone. Who knows, you may to return to a country you visited abroad to pursue your graduate studies.
  9. It is a life-changing experience – The benefits of studying abroad include the opportunity to visit iconic landmarks, natural wonders, incredible museums and impressive international organizations. You will make many new friends – not only your fellow students, but also the residents of the country or countries that you visit. You will be immersed in a different culture. You will discover incredible new foods, explore new customs and traditions. You will definitely have the time of your life. You will never forget your study abroad experiences.
  10. You will be happy to go home – after a life-changing and unforgettable experience abroad, you’ll miss your family and friends. It will be awesome to relive every minute of your time aboard through the pictures and videos that you share with those you love. After a few days, you can start to plan your next adventure abroad.

This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other reasons why you should study abroad. You’ll be able to add to this list after your study abroad experience.

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